ALTRATEC Belt Conveyor

Conveyor Belts and Flat Belt Conveyors

Use in conveyor technology

The name ALTRATEC Montagesysteme GmbH is synonymous with high-quality conveyor belt and Flat Belt Conveyor products, as well as with superb service and competent expert consultation. Our conveyor belts and Flat Belt Conveyors are suitable for transporting small and standard parts, packaging and containers made of cardboard or plastic.

Product properties

  • Horizontal workpiece transport
  • Means of transport - anti-static belt
  • Driven by an integrated motorized roller

Technical data

  • Transport speed:               5 - 43 m/min (continuous operation / cycle operation)
  • Conveyor section length:   < 4 m
  • Workpiece weight:            < 10 kg (accumulation)< 30 kg (conveying)